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Consciousness at school


Language School students

In the language school, many will be tried a difference speaking and listening to the Japanese school. Because in Japanese schools have been trained to grammar and reading comprehension in the junior and senior high schools, individual difference is there of course it is, but you can enter the high-level reading class in the press placement test, the writing and speaking of class same but most Japanese students that it is not put in the level. In To train the speaking force also said that mandatory overseas, to avoid to speak as much as possible native language while attending a language school, it is important to be aware that the use of a foreign language.

For Japanese Language Study

Often Japanese staff is resident in the language schools abroad, you do not worry even if there is no confidence in the language skills. Or there is something of trouble, people of Japanese-speaking staff for us to cope with or there may want to question. Japanese staff of the language school has become to us also accept with respect to the proceedings. Therefore even in people that a foreign language at all beginners, you can study abroad without hesitation. There is a test at the beginning of the place and the admission that curriculum for beginners are available at school, looks like the class organization is carried out by the number of the test.



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